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The Arithmophone (version 2)

*** This page refers to a legacy version of the Arithmophone. For the newest version, please visit this page ***

The Arithmophone is a new kind of musical keyboard, a rethinking of the way we can interact with electronic music instruments. It provides easy access to many familiar and unfamiliar notes in colourful two-dimensional layouts and is a tool for exploring different kinds of tuning schemes, both just and tempered.

Introducing the second generation of the Arithmophone family of musical instruments:

The Arithmophone Korale is an easy-to-play instrument that is well suited for beginners and for smaller screens/mobile devices. It offers a wide selection of diatonic and pentatonic scales in just intonation, and direct access to many sound-shaping parameters.

The Arithmophone EDO unlocks the fascinating possibilities of 31 tone equal temperament in an interface that is fresh, colourful and ready to spark new musical ideas.

The Arithmophone ToneHive takes everything to the next level by providing a 41-note just intonation keyboard that unleashes the power of the 7th harmonic. It is best suited for those who want to take a deep dive in to the wonderful world of just intonation.

Each of these instruments is available as a Standalone Web App with a built-in synthesizer, that allows you to play it on any phone, tablet or other touch screen computer. Each is also available as a MIDI interface that lets you control compatible hardware or software synthesizers.

For more details about the acoustic principles and design philosophy behind the Arithmophone instruments, please visit these pages.

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