Chiel Zwinkels

The Arithmophone (version 1)

The Arithmophone is a new kind of musical keyboard, a rethinking of the way we interact with electronic music instruments. It provides easy access to many familiar and unfamiliar notes in colourful two-dimensional layouts and is a tool for exploring different kinds of tuning schemes, both just and tempered.

*** This page refers to a legacy version of the Arithmophone. The latest version can be found here ***

The Arithmophone (version 1) exists in two forms:

  • The Arithmophone web app is a self-contained instrument that you can play from your computer, tablet or phone. It works best on touchscreen devices in landscape orientation (try an iPad or something of similar size if possible: the bigger the screen, the easier it is to play the keyboards).
  • The Arithmophone MIDI is a keyboard interface for controlling synthesizers. If you work with a DAW and software instruments, or if you have a hardware synthesizer you’d like to control through your (touchscreen) computer, this might be interesting for you.

I’ve made a manual that provides more details about the Arithmophone. I’ve also made an interactive guide to the building blocks of melody and harmony that explains some of the basic principles behind the Arithmophone in an accessible way.

This page is part of my Arithmophone project.
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